Reliability and respect to our patients are self-evident


Our infrastructure, in terms of technological equipment, is designed and implemented with high end, fully upgradeable technology. The software used was designed by AidPlusCare in collaboration with healthcare professionals to fully meet the special needs of patients, treatments and pharmaceutical companies.
The installation, configuration and deployment are assigned to Space Hellas.


Our decision to create AidPlusCare was interwoven with the idea to avoid old school structures, and work with a group of people with shared values, will, knowledge and vision.
Our experience in the Healthcare Sector and our constant monitoring of social and technological developments, have endowed us with valuable tools to understand the needs and challenges faced by health partners and to design a new cooperative framework.
AidPlusCare is an open and interactive platform that provides personalized healthcare services that create unique experiences.
Our aim is to seek for partners and work together for the development of a wellness environment for every patient.


It is not always easy to define the values of a company, yet for us the values are deeper concepts that shape the identity and culture of AidPlusCare.
Consistency, Collaboration, Passion, Reliability, Innovation, Transparency.


To motivate, train and educate patients through our qualitative and innovative services, ultimately improving their quality of life.

Management system

The management of our partner’s activities and the provision of services to the patients are operated through the Information System PPIS that provides us the ability to:

-Manage compliance programs and data-combining reports in real time
-Monitor patient adherence to the treatment
-Record the actions in each program and maintain all history
-Display statistical data, monitor and collect financial data
-Report Pharmacovigilance incidents within 24 hours
-Schedule nurse visits
-Carry out surveys, complete questionnaires and perform statistical analysis of results